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About NungwiDhow

Nungwi is the best place on construction of boat/dhow in the world as whole, within Nungwi there are several factories which has a chairperson in each, but all those factories are considered by its members as a single factory, and all these factories sometime share tools or even workers when needed.

The English name “dhow” is used to describe a number of vessels, all of which typically carry a triangular sail knotted to a long spar hoisted up a short mast. Often the spar is made from two or more poles bound together. The basic design has been utilized by local boat builders to develop vessels suitable for various purposes and sea conditions. This vessel, originating from Oman, is characterized by a pointed bow and a square stern, is a common feature of the east African coast.

The stern of the larger dhows owes its square shape to the Portuguese galleons of the 1500’s. The how design is robust and easy to maintain, though changes in direction (or tacking) involves moving the whole sail round the front of the mast which can be laborious. There are tree min wooden portions:: the ribs and keel, the planking for deck and hull, and the long poles for mast and spar . The name dhow possibly derives from a locally constructed Swahili vessel called a Dau, which resembles a small Mashua but has a pointed stern.

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