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Making new Boat

It is known that the best Dhow are coming from Nungwi Zanzibar, our factory provide the most excellence services and products by performing as ordered by the customer, as well as by the principle of Dhow building, it is not wise to take order which can cause uselessness of the Dhow, requirement by the customer and the building talent of the boat builder build the perfect product, be free and confident for your needs.

Old Dhow

Repairing an old Dhow (Boat)

Dhow can sustain for a long time, but it passes through various stages before it become useless, sometime it is only a small issue may make business unprofitable, when that happen it need a doctor who can cure the problem, here its, repair is necessary before it become totally worthless, in our factory we provide all kinds of repairs, and what are the results of not performing repair to your asset is losing everything.



The good news is that we provide consultancy in all matters concerning Dhow all the time, infact we intend to maintain your business and preserve our culture, the most wise is not the one who does everything by himself, but the one who seek consultancy for thing which they don’t know is the most wise and should be put with those wise. Ask those who know if ye know not.

the base

Maintenance of an old Dhow (Boat)

Everything which is expected to live long must be protected from unfixable problems, it‘s true that the one which is maintained well is the one which last long, the habit of scheduling maintenance for your Dhow in the most excellence, our factory also lie/provides these kinds of services for better performance and for cost reduction for the owner.

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