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These are tools used in the process of making dhow(boat), some of them are being made locally and others are bought from tools within or outside village shops, the one which are made locally are very interesting in its process of designing

Uzi (String)
This is nylon string, which turn its color to be different from which it made from the factory, the blue
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Uta (Stick)
This is a local tool which is used in collaboration with Kekeo for making hole, the stick has a rope
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Tindo (cold chisel, punch)
This is a local tool which is manufactured locally but there is no different in shape from the one which
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Tari na Kabari
Tari (Thick heavy stick)
This is a normal stick which is used to hold wood by force during the installation to the dhow, this
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Tape is a measuring instrument, used to measure distance, but it is not the only one used for this purpose,
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Skwea (Square):
This is a device which is used to find angle or measure the distance in a short distance, it is
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Shoka ya nguvu
Shoka ya nguvu (Strong axe)
This tool made up of iron and wooden handler, the different between this and the normal one is that, this
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Shoka (axe)
This tool is made up of piece of iron and wooden handler, this is very crucial tools in the building
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