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These are small varieties of pieces, used to organize Dhow and by the combination of them we get something called Dhow. How it become important to mention then, because it happen periodically or sometime made together but separately owing to the number of workers.

the base
Utako (The base)
This is a long log which is prolonged to the size needed, normal determine the length of a dhow, dhow
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Fashini (Beam forming stern post)
Fashini is a bit long log tilted front and back of a dhow, these logs form the base and joint
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Ubao wa maliki (The basic wood)
Ubao wa maliki is the first woods in the process of dhow building which is joined directly to the Utako
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Rear woods
Chanda (The rear woods)
Chanda are the woods which are placed at the back (rear part) of a dhow just to give shape, chanda
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Tezi (Stern)
This is rear part of a Dhow where people used to stay in almost all their works, at this part
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Gidamu (Rear)
This is the front part of a Dhow where some tasks performed during fishing activities.
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This is rib, it is put temporarily during the building activities, latter on it is removed and put the permanent
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Mngoti (Mast)
This is long log which raises up in a Dhow when its in the sea, mostly used with sailing activities
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