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Mostly Asked Questions About Dhow

No, we don’t have them, everything come with an experience and the knowledge of an engineer and nothing goes wrong

To build one Boat it takes seven to eight weeks for the normal number of workers that three to four people and at least one should be competent.

It comes naturally from the tree, and it being cut according to the needs or shape of the Boat builders, and the one who used to cut it from trees, who he knows the requirement of builders, and the builders just go to the group of ribs with his measurement and measure what rib they want according to place they want to put the Boat.

Woods are bent by using tools known as Kipindio (the piece of log design to hold wood during bending process), with the help of fire and using oil called Oil or Muubili (used oil from garage), a woods is being put in the hollow which is in the Kipindio and it (wood) attached with a stick which is used to force it bend while fire is burning it, and what prevent it from totally burning is Oil which shaded  before the process and after adjust it to the required point of shape the stick is tied to a certain area to handle the position, as well water is used to extinguish fire from it.

Our local nails has an extra strength from the sea water than the one which are make from the manufacturing industries, as well our nails has a unique structure which is appropriate to our purpose and also these nails came before the one from the normal shop and these are among the craft of Zanzibarian.

It may stay about ten to fifteen years with respect to the kind of woods used as well with care and maintenance of the owner/customers theyselves.

These are among the trees used in Dhow building:

Mangrove, red wood tree, Indian almond tree (Mkungu, Wistiling willow (Mvinja), Jurbenardia (Mtondoo), Yellow tulip tree (Mkatawa, Teak tree(Msaji), Tangezine tree (Mcheza), Jujube tree (Mkunazi), White hard timber tree (Mkarati), Iroko (Mvule), and others which I did not mention them here.

Water is being protected by the process called Kukalafati, the word kalafati means cotton, cotton stirred with coconut oil and put in between the woods with special device called chembeyu (local name).

Yes we do but should not differ much with what we made, most of the time we add some part to the normal shape, but in fact we can make

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